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Gain productivity with the GRIP System

At Gilbert, we constantly work on improving our equipment and offer many different upgrades. These improved solutions will increase planer productivity while producing high quality lumber finish.

Last august, the Eacom Elk Lake team added a new Gilbert GRIP System to their Gilbert Planer (which had originally been installed in 2005).

Designed to boost production, increase efficiency and feed boards with state-of-the-art traction, the GRIP system has proven to be a profitable investment for the Elk Lake mill. Among the many benefits listed were consistent gap reduction, smoother production flow and greater board control.

Scott Atchison, Eacom’s Planermill Specialist says: ”the Grip system was an easy in-house mechanical and electrical install for our site. The components were basically bolt on replacement on our Gilbert planer with minimal welding and was easily completed during a three day long weekend. Since install our site has seen improvements in efficiency and fbm/hr while maintaining the same speeds. The Grip system has met our site expectations and was able to reduce gap and provide a consistent steady feed with reduced planer jams. Our Elk Lake mill is very happy with the product and the price point with the system on track for meeting or exceeding our projected payback of 9 months. ”